About the Designer

Preeti Sandhu is a New York designer, residing amongst the cobblestone streets of SoHo, with her husband and 3 active boys. Her inspiration comes from infusing her work with a modern and contemporary aesthetic while honoring traditional Indian craftsmanship. The designs are born from Preeti’s exploration of the process behind centuries-old jewelry making, and the desire to keep these traditions alive. Collections are inspired not only by Preeti’s own rich heritage, but also influenced by countries and cultures that the designer has lived in. Preeti's passion for wearable art spilled into designing and creating pieces for her family at a young age, and time spent at FIT and with artisans from different regions of India, further strengthened her desire to create designs that make the wearer feel the love and care behind each piece. Each collection is a narrative of you, the artisans and hers together.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple – respect and honor our planet and those who live on it. Our ethical practices start with our Artisans and their families which are a part of our extended family. We not only practice fair wages and safe working conditions but also go beyond by developing long term relationships with our artisans and their families and celebrating in their joys and supporting them in times of need. When it comes to bringing our creations to life, we partner with artisans that use centuries -old techniques and skill set, honoring and keeping their family trade alive. The joy and pride reflected on a grandfather’s face when he sees his grandchild carrying on the family traditions is immeasurable.

We are committed to sustainable practices and use conflict free metals and are making strides in using recycled metal and stones. All sourced diamonds follow the Kimberly Process.